Aliwan Fiesta 2024
Traslacion 2024 starts after three years
Traslacion 2024 starts after three years
Traslacion 2024 starts after three years
by Ellicia Del Mundo09 January 2024
Photo courtesy: Franz Labra, DZRH-TV

The annual grand procession of the Black Nazarene’s image officially began on Tuesday morning, January 9, the first time after the tradition was halted for three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A midnight high mass, presided by Manila Archbishop Jose Cardinal Advincula, and a morning prayer was conducted at the Quirino Grandstand before the procession commenced at 4:46 AM.

Thousands of Filipino devotees had spent the night in the Grandstand to join the holy mass and Traslacion.

The Black Nazarene is enclosed in a thick glass box and placed in a rectangle-shaped andas or the carriage.

Members of Hijos Del Nazareno are on top of the carriage, safeguarding the box and ensuring that no devotees will climb up.

Devotees are not allowed to climb into the Black Nazarene's andas, a new protocol that the Quiapo Church authorities imposed this year.

The progress of the procession was reportedly smooth as compared to the previous years.

The andas or carriage carrying the venerated image of the Senior was reportedly temporarily halted in Palanca Street.

According to DZRH broadcast journalist Christian Maño, heavy rain suddenly poured out while the andas was turning left to Palanca Street at around 5:58 AM, causing devotees to seek temporary shelter and use carton boxes as cover.

The Manila Police District is strictly prohibiting devotees from bringing umbrellas and wearing hoodies and caps.

As of 6 AM, the Quiapo Command Post reported that the crowd joining the Traslacion has reached 657,000.

Meanwhile, the “Pahalik” activity, or the act of venerating the replica of the Black Nazarene continues in the Quirino Grandstand amidst the Traslacion.

DZRH broadcast journalist Raymond Dadpaas reported that the line in the Grandstand reached Roxas Blvd-Kalaw intersection at past 6 AM.

In previous years, it took more than 20 hours for the andas to reach the Quiapo Church.

Feast of the Black Nazarene adviser Alex Irasga earlier told DZRH that the grand procession in 2015 took 22 hours, the longest record yet.

The shortest record was in 2020 when it took 16 hours, Irasga said.

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