Senate releases subpoena vs. Apollo Quiboloy, Hontiveros confirm
Senate releases subpoena vs. Apollo Quiboloy, Hontiveros confirm
Senate releases subpoena vs. Apollo Quiboloy, Hontiveros confirm
by Mary Antalan19 February 2024
Photo courtesy: Senator Risa Hontiveros FB, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy FB

The Senate has already released the subpoena against Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) leader Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, Senator Riza Hontiveros confirmed on Monday, February 19.

This was made after Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri finally signed the pending request for a subpoena filed by Hontiveros to address the KOJC leader's issues regarding human trafficking, rape, sexual abuse, and violence.

"Nagpapasalamat ako, sa Senate president, for signing the subpoena against Appollo Quiboloy. My office has made it our policy to put the voices of women and children first, to put the voices of the victim-survivors at the center, and I'm glad that our institution under the current senate leadership has made it its policy too," the Senator said.

"Yes, the subpoena against Apollo Quiboloy is out. Gaano man kalakas ang ingay ng politika, mas malakas dapat ang panawagan para sa katarungan," she furthered.


Under the subpoena, Quiboloy is suggested to attend the second senate hearing set for Monday morning, February 19.

According to a report by Raymund Dapdaas, another Ukrainian national who went by the name "Lona" sent a video message claiming that he had been Quiboloy's victim of sexual abuse.

Lona said the abuse started before his 18th birthday and followed several times. He recalled when Quiboloy's close staff, Ate Jack and Ate Pani, told the women which of them had a schedule to sleep with him.

Adding to the testimonials, a man called Alyas Rene also testified and told the story of alleged abuses against him as a member of KOJC, wherein a male member of Pastor Quiboloy allegedly wanted to abuse him. They said not to worry, and the pastor had a blessing.


He also allegedly saw guns being brought to Glory Mountain by Quiboloy in Davao City by helicopter.

He also allegedly served as a researcher at Sonshine Media Network International, or SMNI, in Makati and was ordered to beg at night. If he does not reach the quota, he is slapped as punishment.

The first senate hearing was made on January 23, when Quiboloy's lawyer was the one who presented, which, according to Hontiveros, needed the actual presence of Quiboloy as cases were revealed by different victims' testimonies.

Two witnesses and potential witnesses reportedly received threats, according to Hontiveros.


"Kung totoong walang kasalanan si Quiboloy, kusa na siyang magpapakita sa aming pagdinig sa Lunes, at hindi patago-tago na parang kriminal," Hontiveros said on February 15.

"To further update you, in the days and weeks after the hearing, my office receives credible evidence of threats on the lives of our two witnesses and potential witnesses. I believe these efforts constitute obstruction of a legitimate Senate inquiry and lend urgency to the call to subpoena Mr. Quiboloy," she added.

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