LOOK: Ria Atayde is White Castle's 2023 calendar girl
LOOK: Ria Atayde is White Castle's 2023 calendar girl
LOOK: Ria Atayde is White Castle's 2023 calendar girl
by Daylight Abas17 January 2023
Photo courtesy: White Castle Whisky

Making and showing that big girls can!

Liquor brand White Castle Whisky has unveiled actress Ria Atayde as the 2023 calendar girl.

Atayde acknowledged that being included was "super overwhelming" but expressed gratitude nonetheless to the White Castle team for "making and showing that big girls can" at her official reveal.

“Beauty goes in all forms and sizes. You can be wholesome and sexy. You don’t have to show more skin to be sexy. You just have to show your confidence,” said Atayde.


Past models for the company who have donned the recognizable red bikini include Meg Imperial, Roxanne Guinoo, Cristina Gonzales, Techie Agbayani, Lorna Tolentino, and Glydel Mercado.

In 2021, the brand created history by introducing chef and content creator Ninong Ry as its first-ever calendar boy. A year later, Sassa Gurl, another content creator, was introduced as the calendar model after a public search.

From Ninong Ry's unconventional inclusion to Sassa Gurl's inclusive representation for the LGBTQIA community, and now with Atayde and her position on body acceptance, the company has received recognition for their inclusive picks.

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