LOOK: Pit Babe's "Love's Journey" goes to Manila this June!
LOOK: Pit Babe's "Love's Journey" goes to Manila this June!
LOOK: Pit Babe's "Love's Journey" goes to Manila this June!
by Mary Antalan07 June 2024

The star-studded cast of the Thai drama series Pit Babe gears up for their Asia Tour's "Love's Journey" first fan meeting in the Philippines!

Thai actors Pavel, Pooh, Ping, Nut, Sailub, Pon, Benz, TopTen, Michael, Lee, and Pop have captured the hearts of Filipino fans with their wild and thrilling drama series, and they are ready to light up the stage.

Pit Babe is an action-packed, drama-filled Thai boys' love series that explores the high-stakes world of professional race car driving.

It follows the story of Charlie (Pooh Krittin Kitjaruwannakul), who aspires to be a race car driver but doesn’t own a race car. He comes across Babe (Pavel Naret Promphaopun), the number one racer and Charlie’s idol, and strikes a deal with him to borrow his car. However, Charlie and Babe’s fun deal soon turns into something more.


The 12 talented cast members will rock the stage on Saturday, June 22, 2024, at 4:00 p.m. at the SM Skydome, North Edsa.

Don't miss the chance to meet them because tickets are still available at

Here's the sitting plan and ticket prices:


The exciting event is brought by organizations Change2561 and Wish Us Luck.

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