6 Navotas cops detained over killing teen by mistake
6 Navotas cops detained over killing teen by mistake
6 Navotas cops detained over killing teen by mistake
by Mary Antalan09 August 2023
Photo Courtsey: Vincent Go Facebook

Six policemen of Navotas City Police Substation 4 have been detained for allegedly killing a 17-year-old boy by mistake.

In a radio interview on Tuesday, City Police Chief Col. Allan Umipig said that the six police officers underwent inquest proceedings for homicide before the Navotas Prosecutor’s Office.

Umipig said that the team leaders in charge of the operation were transferred to the Northern Police District headquarters and will face administrative charges for command responsibility.

The six police officers responded to a shooting reported in Barangay NBBS Kaunlaran at around 2:45 p.m. on August 2.

The police chief claimed that while one shooting suspect was apprehended, another managed to escape.

According to a tip, the second suspect and the unnamed teen were both believed to be hiding in a boat.

While the suspect remained still, the adolescent "suddenly leaped into the water."

According to Umipig, one of the police officers fired into the water in the hope that these rounds would serve as a warning.

The boy had endured an unknown number of bullet wounds.

"The act of firing the shot exhibited lapses in proper judgement," Umipig said.

He added that the six police officers surrendered their firearms the day after the incident.

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