"Bakit ba ang dami pa niyang drama" Hontiveros on Quiboloy's camp response to Senate
"Bakit ba ang dami pa niyang drama" Hontiveros on Quiboloy's camp response to Senate
"Bakit ba ang dami pa niyang drama" Hontiveros on Quiboloy's camp response to Senate
by Mary Antalan16 March 2024
Photo courtesy: Senator Risa Hontiveros

Senator Risa Hontiveros reiterated that Apollo Quiboloy is only being invited to the Senate hearing and doesn't need to create a lot of drama.

"As to the proposed resolution being incriminatory, uulitin ko: ang Senado ay hindi hukom. It cannot judge guilt or innocence. The Senate resolution is merely PROPOSED. It binds the institution only when passed in plenary. And even then, it cannot be a source of rights, duties, or liabilities," Hontiveros said in a statement on Friday, March 15.

"Magpakita nalang na si Quiboloy bakit ba ang dami pa niyang drama," the Senator remarked.

The statement was made following the response of Quiboloy's camp to the Senate panel's show-cause order.


In a 19-page compliance and legal justification, three reasons were enumerated for why Quiboloy should not be ordered arrested and detained at the Office of the Sergeant-At-Arms.

1. The ongoing Senate investigation compelling the appearance of Quiboloy to testify over his alleged commission of grave crimes is not in aid of legislation but is tantamount to the usurpation of judicial functions beyond the powers of the Senate.

2. P.S. Resolution No. 884 is brazenly incriminatory as it categorically declares the guilt of Pastor Quiboloy for crimes being attributed to him, totally disregarding the constitutional presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

3. The refusal of Quiboloy to appear “is not a sign of disrespect to the honorable Senate nor a disregard of its powers and functions but is purely based on the fact that the criminal accusations against him can only be legitimately settled before the competent courts.


Hontiveros said she will seek approval from Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri to approve Quiboloy's warrant of arrest following his repeated absences from the Senate's hearings.

"Request pa nila, iakyat daw sa plenary ang pag-determine ng show cause order. Sa totoo lang, wala nga sa Rules ang show cause order. It was a courtesy extended to Sen. Robin, at the request of the SP. Kung wala nga sa Rules ang show cause order, much less wala sa Rules na kailangan ng hearing in plenary to resolve the show cause order," Hontiveros stressed.

The Senator further exampled several Senators who also exercised show cause order, such as Senators Cynthia Villar, Bato de la Rosa, Imee Marcos, and Zubiri.

"Senator Cynthia Villar cited Davidson Bangayan in contempt and ordered his arrest even if criminal charges were already filed against him," she said.


"Senator Bato de la Rosa continued to hear about the disappearance of Catherine Camilon, even though charges were filed against the police officer believed to have killed her. Senator Imee Marcos presented witnesses with covered faces and used aliases in her hearing on people's initiative," she continued.

"At si SP Mimso, noong Senate hearings sa pagpatay kay Horacio Castillo, hindi niya tinanggap ang right against self-incrimination excuse at ginamit doon ang contempt power ng Senado. Dahil diyan naipasa ang Anti-Hazing Law of 2018 o R.A. 11053."

Quiboloy, who is known as the leader of the religious group Kindom of Jesus Christ, repeatedly snubbed the Senate Committee on Women invitations for hearings on January 23, February 19, and March 5, urging Hontiveros to cite him for contempt.

Currently, Quiboloy is facing charges of qualified trafficking and child abuse filed by the Department of Justice.

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