LIST: 12 sports to watch out at the Philippine Beach Games this April
LIST: 12 sports to watch out at the Philippine Beach Games this April
LIST: 12 sports to watch out at the Philippine Beach Games this April
by DZRH News08 April 2024
Courtesy: Philippine Beach Games

The Philippine Beach Games (PBG) is poised to leave its mark on Lingayen, Pangasinan this summer, running from April 19 to April 21, 2024.

Celebrating beach culture while ushering in a new era of lifestyle sports for Filipinos to embrace and enjoy, this event promises excitement and athleticism against the backdrop of sun, sand, and sea.

In an exclusive interview with DZRHTV, PBG Founder Coach John Paul Demontaño articulated the event's mission: to offer a platform that caters to diverse sports and raises awareness about emerging athletic pursuits for public enjoyment.

PBG is an advocacy group, this is not yet a huge group, mini-steps pa lang ito,” he emphasized.


So, here are the 12 thrilling Philippine beach sports set to captivate audiences at the upcoming PBG:


Evolved from casual play to a global lifestyle sport, beach volleyball embodies coastal culture.

It is more slowly played than the usual volleyball due to its setting and added pressure of its atmosphere such as surface and number of players.


As the Philippines continues to showcase progress in sports, events like PBG provide a stage for athletes to bring pride to the nation, building on recent successes in competitions such as the Southeast Asian Games.


Beach Football, spearheaded by PBG founder Coach John Paul Demontano, promises an electrifying showcase of skill, agility, and camaraderie.

Playing on sandy terrain adds complexity and excitement as players navigate the shifting sands with every kick and sprint.



Making its second appearance at PBG, Air Badminton revolutionizes traditional badminton for outdoor play.

Utilizing wind-resistant "airshuttles," this adaptation enhances the game's dynamics, offering a unique experience against the picturesque Pangasinan backdrop.



With modified game time, ball size, and court dimensions, 3x3 Basketball intensifies under the sun, with surface conditions and heat adding to the challenge.

Reflecting Filipino passion for athletics, this sport promises fast-paced action and spirited competition.


Combining elements of traditional rugby with reduced contact, Touch Rugby emphasizes strategy and fitness.


As players strive to score by touching opponents while carrying the ball, PBG aims to enhance enjoyment through teamwork and sportsmanship.


A fast-paced team sport played with a small ball and a circular net on the ground. Players hit the ball off the net in such a way that the opposing team cannot return it.

Roundnet would be the youngest roster of sports participating in PBG this year. It is still a growing community here in the Philippines.


Hindi pa siya kilala eh, hindi pa siya mainstream sports and that’s our goal for the next years for roundnet,” said Coach Vic Domingo.

According to Coach Vic, its first ever tournament was before the pandemic, and was also held in the Philippine Beach Games.

Additionally, a week after PBG, the Philippines is set to host an additional international Roundnet event. Coach Vic revealed to DZRH that Dumaguete will be the venue for an upcoming event organized by the Asian Roundnet Federation.



Karate or Karate-do is a martial art sport that emphasizes striking techniques using punches, kicks, knee strikes, and elbow strikes.

In karate matches, two opponents spar within a defined space, seeking to score points by executing precise and controlled strikes to each other's body or head.

However, Coach Ecel Aquino stated in an exclusive interview with DZRH TV that in PBG, there will be more caution and limited takedowns to ensure safety of the players. Some of its rules will be revised adapting to the environment and surface of the vicinity.

PBG is not just a sport but also a bonding with their families,” said Coach Ecel on the positive outcomes of participating in PBG.



Differentiating beach flag football from its traditional counterpart, Coach Paul Le highlights adjustments in field size and rules.

He referred the said sport to as like a fancy way of catching the opponent’s handkerchief who is carrying the ball.

On the other hand, Beach Flag football still has the same mechanics but has more limitations than the usual sport. Its field is smaller compared to the original 70-30 yards with additional 10 yard end zones.


Furthermore, Coach Paul stressed that the outcome of the game holds little significance compared to the primary objective of the sport and the overall event, which is for participants to relish the experience.

PBG is just a big fiesta of sports, bahala na kung sino mag champion ang mahalaga ay mag enjoy tayong lahat,” he emphasized.


A twist on the classic tossing game, Cornhole at PBG promises competitive fun, elevating this recreational pastime to a sporting spectacle that delights both participants and spectators alike.



Petanque is an outdoor bowling game similar to Bocce and lawn balls. Philippine Petanque Clubs Association has been present in the competitive scene since 2011 participating in various international events like SEA Games.

According to Coach Vio Dela Cruz, aside from its deep cultural roots, Petanque is embedded on the surface of where it is played. Whereas joining PBG is a more complex opportunity for players to enhance their skills and widen its community.

Mas mapapalabas ang skill ng player, kasi sa bawat tournament na pupuntahan mo, hindi parehas lagi ang ipre-prepare na i-train,” said Coach Vio.



Introducing korfball to a wider audience, PBG showcases this unique mixed sport, emphasizing teamwork and coordination. With its innovative approach, the event fosters inclusivity and diversity in sports participation.

As PBG gears up to unfold its array of thrilling beach sports, Lingayen, Pangasinan braces for an unforgettable summer celebration of athleticism, camaraderie, and the vibrant spirit of Filipino sports culture.


Written by Reagan James Galangue

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