Lapillus is set to make their comeback with ‘Who’s Next’
Lapillus is set to make their comeback with ‘Who’s Next’
Lapillus is set to make their comeback with ‘Who’s Next’
by Daylight Abas21 June 2023
Photo courtesy: MLD Entertainment

Are you ready, Filipino LAPIS? The long wait is finally over!

Rising K-pop girl group Lapillus is finally releasing their second mini album, "GIRL’s ROUND Part. 2," today, June 21, at 7:00 p.m. (Philippine Standard TIme) in various online streaming platforms.

The album's title track "Who's Next" features Lapillus' distinct exploratory style combined with enthusiasm and a great beat that boosts listeners' self-esteem.

The song relay messages of self-love, such as "Tell me Who’s Next" and "내 자체로 완벽해 I’m perfect the way I am," with an impressive and powerful melody.


Not only that, the girl group's other tracks like "Marionette" also demonstrate a different girl-crush charm in a pop style.

"ULALA", on the other hand, is a dance song with an enticing Latin atmosphere while "Paper" is a song with an attractive charm and catchy vocoder sound.

With these tracks, Lapillus' talent to express many genres will be undoubtedly recognized.

The rising girl-group will release their six-colored charms in the second installment of their "GIRL'S ROUND" series, eager to paint this summer new with their daring rising, brilliant teen enthusiasm, and entertaining beat.


Fans can look forward to see how Lapillus will shine once again as the newest female group.

Lapillus, an improved and perfect hexagon group consisting of Chanty, Seowon, Shana, Yue, Haeun, and Bessie, is set to begin their active promotion for "Who's Next."

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