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LOOK: Isaw, dinuguan, proben, bopis, papaitan among best offal dishes in the world
LOOK: Isaw, dinuguan, proben, bopis, papaitan among best offal dishes in the world
LOOK: Isaw, dinuguan, proben, bopis, papaitan among best offal dishes in the world
by Mhillen Nicole Borja08 June 2023
Photo Courtesy: TasteAtlas

The Philippines' beloved culinary treasures, including isaw, proben, dinuguan, bopis, and papaitan, have been recognized as some of the best offal dishes in the world, according to a comprehensive food guide.

TasteAtlas, a renowned platform for global cuisine, has listed these Filipino favorites on its prestigious "50 best-rated offal dishes" compilation.

Isaw secured the 16th spot, proben ranked 22nd, dinuguan claimed the 29th position, bopis came in at 36th place, while papaitan earned the 50th spot.


Isaw, derived from chicken or pork intestines, is meticulously marinated, boiled, skewered, and grilled.

TasteAtlas emphasized the importance of thorough cleaning to eliminate any potential foodborne pathogens.

Proben, also known as proven, is a delightful Filipino snack and a popular street food item. It is crafted from a unique chicken organ called proventriculus, which shares similarities with chicken gizzard.


The small proben pieces are coated in flour or cornstarch, deep-fried until golden brown and crispy. They can be served individually in plastic bags or skewered on bamboo sticks. Proben is affordable, quick, nutritious, and particularly favored by young students.

Dinuguan, a Filipino delicacy, consists of various animal internal organs stewed with blood, vinegar, garlic, and hot peppers.

Traditionally, the dish utilized byproducts of pig slaughter, but contemporary variations incorporate chicken or beef, along with a blend of ingredients and spices.


This thick and flavorsome stew is commonly enjoyed with rice or rice cakes, making it a nutritious breakfast or a hearty lunch and dinner option.

Bopis is a traditional Filipino dish prepared with the heart and lungs of animals, typically beef or pork.

The ingredients are stewed with garlic, onions, assorted vegetables, and a medley of spices.


Bopis manifests in various regional versions, distinguished by ingredient choices, textures, and levels of spiciness. It is commonly savored as an appetizer or snack, often paired with alcoholic beverages.

However, it also serves as a satisfying main course, accompanied by steamed rice. The Bicol region's rendition is known as kandingga.

Papaitan, a popular soup in the Philippines, features innards from goats or cows, such as heart, tripe, and liver.


The distinguishing element is the bile or papait, extracted from the livers, which imparts a tangy flavor and imparts a yellow-green hue to the dish.

While the top spot on the list was claimed by Greece's kokoretsi, a grilled lamb or goat dish seasoned with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper, the recognition of these Filipino specialties underscores the rich and diverse culinary heritage of the Philippines.

TasteAtlas has previously acknowledged the excellence of Philippine cuisine.

In its latest accolade on June 1, it acclaimed "dirty ice cream" and "halo-halo" as exceptional frozen desserts worldwide.

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